Japanese Anemones


anemone plus desk

Some time ago, a friend gave me an old Japanese book which had been damaged by insects. She thought it would be something I could use in my work. I kept the book for over a year before I eventually decided what to make with it first. I love the way that Japanese anemones move in the wind and I decided to make something inspired by them, and it suddenly struck me that this old book was the perfect thing to use.

I used one of the flowers  and pulled it apart to see how the petals are formed. Then I made a number of templates so that all the paper flowers would be slightly different. The petals are hand cut and the stamens are laser cut from a hand drawn template.

anemones plus petals

The stamens here are made from gold paper and I’ve also been experimenting with some silver ones.

The final pieces will be framed with polished black frames, hinting at the Japanese style.

About Gillian Taylor

I make collections of tiny envelopes, postcard bundles and other paper art.
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2 Responses to Japanese Anemones

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

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