Viking boats

Paper boats made from sea charts and gold paper.

Japanese anemones

Delicate paper flowers made from old Japanese books and gold paper.

Love letters

Collections of tiny paper envelopes made from World War 2 love letters.

I make collections of tiny envelopes using different kinds of papers including Japanese hand-printed papers, maps, books, music, chocolate wrappers and old postcards.

I’m interested in how we communicate and how that has changed over the years. Handwritten letters from friends used to arrive in envelopes, but now it’s mostly bills and bumph. The collections are also inspired by my interest in insects. I used to be fascinated by collections of beetles in museum cases and my envelope collections reflect this.

About Gillian

Gillian Taylor is a paper artist based in Devon England. She creates collections of tiny envelopes, paper boats, poppy installations and more.

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