More love letters

I’ve made collections of small envelopes using love letters written during World War II. The writer, an aircraft engineer, wrote to his love two or three times a week.

I hope that people who see the work will think that I’ve given the letters a new life.

Exhibition 1-26 Feb at Atelier, Barnstaple

About Gillian Taylor

I make collections of tiny envelopes, postcard bundles and other paper art.
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2 Responses to More love letters

  1. CatBlackArt says:

    I saw the exhibition today in Barnstaple, and loved it. You have truly given the letters a new lease of life. I think they’re beautiful!

  2. Sharon Hodge says:

    I have some love letters written by my Dad to my Mum just before they were married.My Dad was in world war 2 in Italy and North Africa . He wrote to my mum in Dawlish. if it is not too late i could pop some copies in your door.. Sharon Hodge of Dawlish Warren.

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